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Did you know?

The energy produced by Bruxelles-Energie covers the needs in electricity of 65,000 households.

Did you know?

In 2020, about 231 974 000 kWh were produced by the incineration of your waste.

Did you know?

56% of CO2 produced by the incineration of your waste at Bruxelles-Energie is organic (neutral impact on the greenhouse effect).

Did you know?

Emissions produced by Bruxelles-Energie are largely inferior to the strictest environmental limits.

Did you know?

Bruxelles-Energie is at the forefront of technology, therefore allowing for a rigorous respect of the environmental norms.

Did you know?

Waste incineration with energy recovery is the best alternative to landfilling.

Did you know?

The flue gases are literally washed. The waters used to wash the gases are purged and treated internally. Nothing is rejected in the canal or in the Senne.

Did you know?

The emissions rejected in the atmosphere are essentially water steam and CO2. The other rejected components are minimal.

Did you know?

Other than energy production, over 100,000 tons of diverse materials (combustion residue, ashes, metals and salts) are recuperated and recovered.

Did you know?

In 2020, more than 473 400 tons of waste were treated in our plant.

Did you know?

Bruxelles-Energie respects and supports Lansink's ladder of which it is an essential part.

Solution for companies

You are a company, an administration, a hospital or a public service and you wish to valorise your waste assimilated to unrecyclable household waste. We have got the solution.

Visiting the plant

You are a secondary school, a college, a university, an association, a group of residents or a citizen and you wish to visit our plant.

Bruxelles-Energie produces electricity with non-recyclable household – or assimilated – waste, in the strictest respect of the environnement.

Please check out our
policy statement.

Bruxelles-Energie is
ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001.

2020 in figures

Quantity of treated waste

Over 473 400 tons:
  • 315 700 tons of household waste from the Brussels region
  • 137 700 tons of household waste from shops, municipalities, companies, etc.

Energy production

Steam production : 1 377 000 tons at 385°C
  • 1 228 100 tons sent to the turbines
  • 148 900 tons for the DeNOx and evapo-crystallization units

Electric production :
230 251 000 KWh
  • 194 598 000 KWh sent to the network (= annual consumption of 65.000 households)
  • 35 653 000 KWh used for the operations of the plant

Heat production : 1 723 000 KWh

Valorization of the recuperated materials

  • 75 390 tons of bottom ashes (combustion residue)
  • 7 465 tons of flying ashes
  • 6 352 tons of metals
  • 3 195 tons of salt
Only 759 tons - roughly 0,14% - of mud from the treatment of the washing waters are disposed as hazardous waste after stabilization.

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