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Energy Production

Using your residual waste as fuel, fossile energy sources are more preserved.
The combustion of household waste (3 furnaces @ 19t/h each) produces steam. Up until January 2016, the steam was sent exclusively to 3 turbines from Electrabel to produce enough electricity to cover the needs of 65,000 households in Brussels.

Since January 2016, a heating network has been put in service.
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Heating network advantages

With 1 ton of waste, we can produce:
- 500 kWhe electricity or
- 2 000 kWhth heat

The energy efficiency of a plant:
- producing electricity varies between 25 and 55%
- producing heat varies between 85 and 95%

Environmental impact

Annual objectives with a maximum capacity of 20 MW:
- 30 000 000 kWh of avoided energy consumption (gas, fuel,...)
- 10 000 tons of avoided CO2
- Less pollution (fine particles of individual boilers)

Economic impact

- Positive economic balance for consumers
- Increased safety (fire, gas leaks,...)
- No chimney smaller equipment room
- Shorter transport distance of energy