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How the plant works

The installations of Bruxelles-Energie are at the forefront of technology : they allow for an optimal management of the waste in the strictest respect of all current environmental norms.

There are 3 main streams:

A. The waste-steam circuit

  • The waste is loaded in a hopper
    Through gravity, it falls onto a feeding table
    It lands on a slanted grate and is burnt
    The metals are taken out from the bottom ashes which are then valorized
    Water is turned into steam in the boiler pipes
    The steam, overheated by natural gas combustion, is sent to the turbines and the heating network

B. The treatment of gases

  • The gases pass through a boiler where they are cooled
    They then cross electrofilters which capture up to 99% of particulates
    The flying ashes are then valorized
    The gases are washed by 2 washers
  • The first washer captures the acids, heavy metals as well as some other components
    The second washer captures the sulfur dioxyde, the dioxins, the furans and the remaining acids
    The electro-venturi captures the last particulates and droplets

C. The DeNOx unit

  • The emissions of NOx are destroyed by the injection of an ammonia solution at 240° on a catalyst
    They are transformed into nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O)

The water used in the washing of gases is treated in the water treatment station and in an evapo-crystallization installation. The water is then reused.

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A. Waste-steam circuit

1. Tipping area
2. Waste bunker
3. Traveling crane
4. Feed hopper
5. Combustion fan primary air
6. Combustion fan secondary air
7. MARTIN grate
8. Auxiliary gas burner
9. Furnace - boiler
10. Steam super heater
11. Economizer
12. External gas super heater
13. Residue extractor
14. Bottom ash conveyor
15. Electromagnetic drum
16. Bottom ash bunker

C. DeNOx Unit

25. Flue gas to flue gas heat exchanger (glass tubes)
26. Condensate to flue gas heat exchanger (steel tubes)
27. Flue gas to flue gas heat exchanger (steel tubes)
28. Steam to flue gas heat exchanger (steel tubes)
29. Catalytic reactor
30. 2nd induced draft fan
31. Ammonia injector
32. Condensate tank
33. Water to de-aerator
34. Steam output pipe
35. Air cooled condenser
36. Stack

B. Flue gas treatment

17. Electrofilters
18. Fly ash silos
19. First washer stage
20. Second washer stage
21. Electro-venturi
22. Soda (NaOH) injector
23. Activated carbon feeder
24.1st induced draft fan

D. Turbines

E. Heating network

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