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Solution for professionals

Bruxelles-Energie provides services to private companies, administrations, hospitals and public services via the Bruxelles-Propreté's Waste Policy Treatment Department. Bruxelles-Energie has been recognised as an R1 classified energy recovery installation since 2007.

Why choose Bruxelles-Energie?

- Because you represent an eco-responsible organization and your clients are sensitive to your environmental commitment;
- Because our installations optimally protect the environment;
- Because you can rely on a quality service.

Get rid of your waste in 3 steps:

Attention !
If you are not able to bring your waste to Bruxelles-Energie, call Bruxelles-Propreté Pro on 0800 988 77.
  • 1. Authorized waste

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    Only non-recyclable waste similar to that of households can be treated.

    The following waste is forbidden :

    - Toxic or dangerous waste (cf. waste that may release a toxic substance);
    - Radioactive waste ;
    - Pharmaceutical and phytopharmaceutical waste ;
    - Special hospital waste, such as pathological and contaminated waste ;
    - Chemical waste or, more generally, waste that may cause spontaneous explosions or fire, like solvents with high evaporation power ;
    - large waste ;
    - muds ;
    - Waste that cannot be incinerated and/or waste that may damage the facilities, such as the demolition rubble, ballasts, earth and scrap (that would be treated more appropriately in other facilities) ;
    - waste longer than 0.5 m ;
    - Unauthorized waste as per the legislation;
    - Waste from international transportation.
  • 2. Contact form

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    The fields in blue are compulsory.
    In case of urgency or for more information :

    Secretariat : 02/778.09.02
  • 3. Directions to Bruxelles-Energie

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    Bruxelles-Energie S.A.
    Quai L. Monnoyer, 8
    B-1000 Brussels

    You are coming from outside Brussels

    Please find your roadmap is in this document.
    Get Directions to Our Location

    Usine arriè€re map

    Get Directions to Our Location

    Usine arriè€re map

    You are coming from the Brussels region

    Bruxelles-Energie strongly recommends to avoid as much as possible the center of Brussels. The following map divides the region in 3 zones with specific itineraries:

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    - I am coming from the fuchsia zone and wants to avoid traffic jams

    - I am coming from the blue zone and wants to avoid traffic jams

    - I am coming from the orange zone and wants to avoid traffic jams

    For a more fluid traffic, Bruxelles-Energie also recommends to avoid the peak hours whenever possible. In this context, we remind you that Bruxelles-Energie is open 7/7 days and 24/24h.
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    Good for the environment !
    Bruxelles-Energie thrives to minimise the impact of its activities on the quality of air. in this respect, we encourage you to (1) replace your older trucks with newer generation trucks; and (2) equip your fleet of vehicles with particle filters (to reduce PM2, PM5 and PM10) and “selective catalytic reduction” technology (to reduce emissions of NOx)
We charge for the incineration of your waste per ton (1 ton minimum) according to the current rates set by the Brussels-Capital Region.